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This Rose Means Everything


Pink and purple graphic including two England players and the words THIS ROSE MEANS EVERYTHING for England Rugby's This Rose Means Everything campaign

the brief

With a new head coach in place and the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France looming large, the RFU sought to ignite fresh excitement and focus around the England Men’s Rugby team, and to broaden its appeal to a younger audience.

this rose means everything

We developed an invigorating campaign to create an emotional connection between the players and a more diverse fan base. ‘This Rose Means Everything’ explores and embodies what it means to be English today, to support England, and to play for England. As part of the campaign, we explored the full rich tapestry of the English rugby experience: the squad, the fanbase, and the national identity itself.

England Rugby This Rose Means Everything rose graphic evolution - showing a photo of a rose on the left, grey boxes in the shape of a rose in the middle and images of England Rugby replacing the grey boxes on the right
'THIS ROSE MEANS EVERYTHING' animated typography lock up in white
4 phone mock ups showing the England Rugby - This Rose Means Everything campaign executed on social media

championing togetherness

From the film to the static design, everything about the campaign embodied diversity, individuality, positive energy and togetherness.

England Rugby This Rose Means Everything thumbnail stickers in pink and green
In stadium shot of crowd and This Rose Means Everything banner before a rugby match
In-situ screen in a stadium showing the England Rugby This Rose Means Everything campaign - a blue and green background with purple text saying WE ARE ENGLAND with the England Rugby logo
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