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Fitness Fits Around Life – Real Life

For this brief, we flipped the traditional fitness advert on its head to show the ‘real’ side of getting and keeping fit around other commitments, how life gets in the way, and how not everyone has the perfect, home-built gym in which to train.

Built on the insight that if you’re buying an elite training product, you’re dedicated to your fitness, not your Instagram. You understand that getting fit is messy, and it doesn’t happen in a silo. It fits around life – real life.

A man sitting on a Wattbike in his kitchen looking tired from his workout. A title on screen reads: “For real people. For real change. For real life. For real athletes.”, alongside the Wattbike logo.

A Brand Reflective of Our ‘Real Athletes’

Democratising the Wattbike brand, not just for elite athletes but for everyone, this ‘raw’, humorous presentation of fitness reflects the lives of our ‘Real Athletes’, who prioritise their fitness and will go to great lengths to ensure they can fit it into their lives.
A man completing a Wattbike session on the balcony of his inner-city apartment.
A scene from the Wattbike campaign film where a woman is exhaling after a home workout on a Wattbike.
A woman sitting on a Wattbike in her bedroom, catching her breath after a workout.
A woman adjusting her prosthetic leg while sitting on a Wattbike.
Shot of a hallway leading to a lounge where a woman is completing a Wattbike session.
Close up of a man pedalling on a Wattbike during a workout in his kitchen.

Portraying Real Workouts for Real Life

Serving up a very British antidote to a category awash with pristine portrayals of home fitness, Wattbike’s campaign shows real people working out after a long shift, squeezing in a session before breakfast or while taking care of their children, and whilst borrowing an ironing board as a makeshift laptop stand. We also see Wattbikes in the All Blacks’ training camp, as a nod to how much they’re loved by sport’s most successful performers, as well as everyday athletes.

Woman smiling after an intense workout on her Wattbike, with the title: “For real change”.

A 'Real Athlete'

Essentially, if you are serious about your fitness and want to invest in a lifetime of gains, then choosing a Wattbike means you’re a ‘real athlete’

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